10% Family Savings through June 21 is a family run business and offers family style service

10% Family savings* on packing, shipping and supplies!

Cinco De Mayo savings on packing, shipping, and supplies all month long

BoxbrosLA has Cinco De Mayo savings on packing, shipping, and supplies all month long and a Mother's Day deal for the whole family!

Cinco De Mayo is on a Tuesday this year, but relax, you have all month to save... We're celebrating all month long.

Come in between now and May 31 and save 5% (cinco por ciento)
on Packing Materials, Boxing and Packing and Shipping**

We can't offer cerveza and tacos, but this should save you enough to buy them!

Packing Neon? BoxBrosLA gets glowing reviews..

Pictures of building a custom made shipping container we created to transport some neon art to be shipped for a client.
Neon is very fragile and higly breakable . But we know how to handle it. You won't see our work on display in a museum or a gallery. but we try to be as creative in designing and implementing packaging systema and logistics as our clients are with their work. They keep coming back because every piece is important to us. We got a glowing report from our client when their neon arrived quickly and safely.

A Typical day at BoxbrosLA


Just another typical day at packed and ready for pickup, Fedex trucks coming and going. Shipments arriving from and bound for destinations across the country, around the world, across town and around Southern California. Everything from an envelope with family photos for a relative to entire art exhibits.

You pay the taxes - WE pay the Postage!

We are one of the top 3 busiest Federal Express Shipping Centers in the entire United States for both domestic and international shipping. We also are a major art handler and shipping company

We're grateful to customers like you for helping us make it happen!

Ampex AG-440 used by Jimi Hendrix?

This vintage Ampex AG-440 1/2" 4 track recorder dates back to circa 1967, and the legend has it that Jimi Hendrix, among others recorded with it....

  • we pack vintage tape recorders and electronics with the care they deserve
  • packing vintage recorders and electronics used to record Jimi Hendrix
  • we pack vintage tape recorders and electronics properly
  • we are experts at packing and crating vintage tape recorders and electronics with the care they deserve

Ain't no tellin' babe..We're just packing it up and shipping it for one of our customers to a musician/collector in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Box Bros. LA St.Patrick's Day Savings

Save on St. Patrick's Day Ship Happens and so does Bling!
Come in to Bling Circus Coby is taking is brick an mortar shop and going digital. Big Sales
Box Bros is offering big discounts just show us some green.
Clothes hats eye shadow unripe bananas even credit card with green even cash.
If you've got the green we've got the ship
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St. Patrick's Day savings coupon on shipping packing, and supplies

A typical day at Box Brothers LA

While we have regular hours and scheduled daily pickups/dropoffs from DHL, FedEX, UPS and USPS, every day is different.

With our 3 LA locations; Atwater, Hollywood and Los Feliz, art shipping, white glove deliveries and pickups, every day has unique challenges. Even on days when we pack and ship hundereds of items, each customer is unique and we provide the special attention that you deserve. We're truly a local company with global reach!

Martin Luther King Day-we're here to serve you

BoxBrosLA will be open our regular hours Monday Jan. 19th to serve our customers. Martin Luther King Day, is a federal holiday, most federal offices will not be open so that means most banks are closed, and there's no mail delivery, however FEDEX,UPS and most of our carriers are at work like us. Many retail stores, including Walmart and Target, will be open regular business hours on Martin Luther King Day, but supermarkets and restaurants may be open holiday hours.

Setting up at the 2015 LA Art Show

Until Jan. 18 we're at the LA Art Show in BOOTH 1043 in Hall 'K'

- In addition to our regular services at the LA Art Show, we'r offering a 48 hour door to door delivery service to clients within a 40 mile radius of the Convention Center.



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