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Why we do what we do

It feels great to see one of our customers write something like this. But that is only a small part of why we put 110% into making sure everything we ship gets packed right, arrives on time with no hassles..and do it for a good price. We're glad to help out and know that doing our job made your life easier... give us a call at 323 662 9000. We're here to help.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to our favorite customers! That's all of you!
No Trick . . . We treat every package and treat every customer special..
Everyday! Need it packed or shipped? give us a call . . . 323 662 9000

DIY? For some jobs, you need to call a Professional..

Self reliance is admirable, and who doesn't want to save money? Sometimes a moving or shipping job requires a professional..We're pros at get it from here to there (or there to here). Whether it's a local move or an international shipment, we have the resources you need. Boxes, packaging materials & supplies, custom crating, insurance and customs docs, local pickup and a worldwide network of partners with the shipping expertise to get the job done.

This is what we love to hear

There are a lot of rewards doing the job we do at, one of the best is getting an email like this. Our customers become our friends..We try to take the same care with every customer. If you are looking for a packaging or shipping solution, contact us and let us make a friend of you.

Making Your Day a A Little More Manageable . . . our Los Feliz store is now open 8am to 7pm Monday thru Friday!

We know your busy and it's a hard to get the time during the week to stop into the mailroom and get your mail, drop something off to get shipped ar pick up a few boxes. So we're now open at our Los Feliz store from 8:00am until 7:00pm on weekdays so you can come in on your way to wor k or on your way home.. Not a big deal, but just another way we're trying to help make your day more manageable.

Shipping Antique Barometers cross country - no pressure


  • antique barometers require special attention to ship across the country and Box Brothers LA has the skills and experience
  • at Box Bros LA we can literally ship anything anywhere
  • If you have antique barometers or scientific instruments or any valuable or delicate item that you need packed and shipped right-contact
  • when it is irreplaceable you need the best-call boxbrosLA

Imagine inheriting a valuable collection of antique 19th century barometers(including a Scottish stick barometer made c1820 and valued at over $10,000) and other items from a relative who lives 3000 miles away. How would you get them? But, antique barometers are bulky but also quite fragile. They require specialized handling, packing and shipping... This was the problem our client faced. A potential perfect storm. The solution was simple. He called He spoke with us, provided contact information for the estate's Executor, a pickup address and some photos. We scheduled a two hour pickup window in White Plains,N.Y. with our East Coast team and the rest was a piece of cake.

Packing and Shipping - our Special Purpose

A Steve Martin Fan recently had us ship these giant one-ofa-kind placards to him in Northern Cal. They're from the ceremony celebrating the 43d AFI Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Martin at a gala tribute in Los Angeles, CA on June 4, 2015. while they are LARGE, they are also extremely fragile and can't be replaced. That's why he chose Box Brothers LA.

Judgement Day- Packing and Shipping a Terminator T1000 to Europe

We just got this Terminator, used in the film Terminator 2, from the prop department at a major Hollywood Studio. Other packaging companies might cringe in fear at going up against the Terminator, but we took it all in stride. We handled him as gently as a kitten, packed him snugly and safely for his trip to a customer in Europe. Everyday is "Judgement Day" at BoxBrosLA for the customer.."He'll be back.."




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