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Martin Luther King Day-we're here to serve you

BoxBrosLA will be open our regular hours Monday Jan. 19th to serve our customers. Martin Luther King Day, is a federal holiday, most federal offices will not be open so that means most banks are closed, and there's no mail delivery, however FEDEX,UPS and most of our carriers are at work like us. Many retail stores, including Walmart and Target, will be open regular business hours on Martin Luther King Day, but supermarkets and restaurants may be open holiday hours.

Setting up at the 2015 LA Art Show

Until Jan. 18 we're at the LA Art Show in BOOTH 1043 in Hall 'K'

- In addition to our regular services at the LA Art Show, we'r offering a 48 hour door to door delivery service to clients within a 40 mile radius of the Convention Center.

LA Art Show Opening Night Premiere Party

get tickets for LA Art Show 2015 Opening Party and vist us at booth 1043

Come down and party with us Weds. Jan.14 at the LA Art Show Opening Night Premiere Party. we will be at Booth 1043. Stop by!

From Jan. 14-18 we'll be at the LA Art Show in BOOTH 1043 in Hall 'K'
( click here for the floor plan ).

NOTHING Stops Boxbrosla!

Blackout? What blackout?. has generators to  keep ship happening no matter what..

Storm cut power to Hollywood, including our store.. We brought our generator in. Back in Biz!. NOTHING Stops Boxbrosla!WE WORK 4 YOU!

Thanks Tim for the wonderful note

Thank you note to James for helping a customer

While our business is about selling boxes, sometimes you gotta just give it away..

Fedex Holiday Schedule

Fedex has announced their Holiday shipping schedule -
Weather conditions in different areas may also affect delivery schedules. We're open everyday(Sundays at our Los Feliz store only) through Weds. Dec 24. and ready to help get it done! Ship early, ship often and ship with us because we make Ship happen!

If you need answers or assistance, give us a call at 323 662-9000 It's our job and we're here to help.

We remember. . .

All our locations will remain open to serve our customers Nov. 11.

Once A Box, Now a Playhouse

This box was sent from Los Angeles to a US Army APO in Germany. It was filled with goodies from home.
Our little granddaughter so loved the box she made into her playhouse. We put love in every box we ship. What do you do with your boxes?

Kudos for James

James and the Boxbrosla crew from atwater store thanked by for their great work.

We don't expect to get props for doing a great job. That's just what we do. Still, it feels great when it happens...Congratulations James!
Subject: Positive remarks for James Patrick Sullivan

Hi there -
I wanted to pass on a brief note regarding the excellent service I received on a complicated shipping job from James and his team in Atwater Village.



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