and Fedex team up to get Warhol artwork to Europe

Box Brothers Los Angeles and Fedex,Federa Express
TEAM UP TO MAKE IT HAPPPEN. and Fedex team up to ship valuable art to Europe quickly , safely and for a good price.
When $500,000 worth of Andy Warhols needed to get to Europe ASAP, and Fedex were the team to get the job done right.

We got the call late Weds. afternoon from a client who needed to ship some original Andy Warhol artwork to Europe immediately(not now, but right now!) for a private showing.

We started prepping the paperwork and scheduling immediately. Thursday morning we went out and measured to pieces, went back to the store and started building. On Friday we went back to the client's with a museum quality crate, packed the art work and returned to Box Bros. Los Feliz store.

Within 2 hours , the securely packed Warhols were picked up by Fedex and on their way to their European destination. If you want it done right and are under the gun, call at 323-662-9000. That's how we roll! ..AND we'll do it for a good price too.