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We have over 25 years of experience. So businesses and residential clients rely on Goodman Packing & Shipping's expert packaging, crating, and shipping services. We are a full service packing, crating and shipping company and provide comprehensive quotes that include pick-up, insurance coverage, packing, crating, shipping, and delivery with one simple phone call. We have 4 locations in Los Angeles(including our new LA Shipping Center ready to provide a free quote that meets all your shipping needs!

Goodman Packing & Shipping specializes in packing, crating, and shipping items that are too heavy, large and oversized, and/or fragile for standard shipping companies (we are renowned internationally for our expertise packing and shipping chandeliers). We meet the needs of the item and consider many factors including weight, dimensions, fragility, value, and final destination requirements. If you are shipping glass or fragile furniture, artwork or anything - Goodman Packing & Shipping is a crating and shipping company that will take care of your shipping needs from start to finish.

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