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  • Holiday gifts get there fast

    We work hard to make sure all your Holiday gifts get there fast, safe and sound

  • It's nice being appreciated..

    It's nice being appreciated. We love what we do and put that into every item we pack and ship! Went you need something shipped, see us. We do it right with a smile and at a great price.

  • We love our customers

    "From: Jean P
    Date: April 27, 2019 at 8:28:03 PM PDT
    To: 'Goodman Shipping Freight Center' Subject: RE: Invoice Paid: #10xx from Goodman Shipping Freight Center

    "Hi Coby,
    Just a short note that all went PERFECT. The paintings were all packed superbly !!
    Thanks again and I will definitely contact you if I have more to ship in the future.

    Jean P...."

    Thank you Jean... We have THE BEST customers!

  • Frogtown Art Walk on Sept.22

  • Our Fedex guy earns his pay

    Our Fedex guy earns his pay.. You've gotta be on top of your game to deal with the volume of Fedex packages we ship daily.This is a typical daily pickup from one of 4 locations. How do we do it? Great service, great prices(the volume helps) ....AND we make ship happen! next time you have something to pack or ship, let us make it happen for you.

  • Atwater store Halloween

    Trick or Treaters at Goodman Packing & Shipping in Atwater getting candy from store Manager James(in toga)
    it's a neighborhood tradition we're proud to be a part. You can bet the franchise stores don't do this. We're not just your box store..we're a community business and good in the 'hood.

  • Local Business

    Here's a recent post from our Facebook page linking to an article worth reading... check it out


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