Packing, Crating, Shipping and Transport Services for Chandeliers and Art glass

At Goodman Packing & Shipping, we are specialists at packing and shipping chandeliers. Decades of experience and expertise in packing and crating mean that chandeliers, art glass and furniture arrive safely. Because we ship a lot of high value items for galleries, dealers and artists, we can pass along the best rates for shipment and insurance coverage to our customers along with top-shelf service.

  • We fully inventory and document your shipment's items
  • We can arrange pickup to suit your schedule
  • We pack onsite if required
  • We ensure the best packing methods & techniques for each shipment to:
  • protect it from external impacts/shocks
  • pack items securely so that they don't move inside container
  • be sure surfaces are protected from friction/rubbing damage
  • make sure provisions are made for for unpacking and instructions provided
  • minimize weight to reduce freight expenses
  • We offer full value insurance, up to any amount of coverage.
  • We provide end-to-end tracking

Email us or call us at 323-642-9000 for a quote. We will be glad to give you a quote or provide the help you need to get your item packed and shipped.

Image Galleries of some Chandeliers and art glass we've packed and shipped.

Packing a Murano Glass Chandelier

Crating a Modern Chandelier

We're Art Glass Experts

Crating a wrought iron Lamp

$6000 Chandelier made in LA shipped to Chicago

Project Portfolio Galleries - some of our other projects

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