Shipping a mattress to Germany via ocean?

This is a large Tempurpedic mattress, king size, that is being shipped to Berlin, Germany by ocean freight.The value of the bed is $4000.

$4000 Mattress,moisture proofed and crated prior to shipping overseas.

Shipping a mattress overseas, Not a problem. BoxbrosLA ships anything anywhere however it is needed.
Ocean shipping can take over a month or so (usually 6 weeks), so the mattress would potentially be exposed to high humidity for a long time and required protective packing. The mattress was sealed with plastic wrap and moisture absorbing desiccant packets. The mattress was then boxed and finished with a custom crate. It will be stored in Germany for as long as the customer needs.

You may not need to ship your mattress to Germany to enjoy the comforts of home overseas, but this is another example of our crating abilities, our abilities to ship ocean freight safely and protect goods from ocean moisture and any environment. We handle all the booking logistics and customs paperwork when shipping to foreign countries, so it is simple, safe and a smart choice for you. We do International Shipping right!

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