eBay Auction Services: how it works

Sell Your Stuff Through us on eBay!

Drop it off, Watch it sell, get paid!

Complete Auction Management of your items.

Here is What We Do:

* Determine Expected Value
* Professional Photography
* Research and compose detailed descriptions
* Place your item in our high traffic ebay store
* When it sells, we pack it, ship it, and collect payment
* Once the transaction is complete, we send you a check!


* 3 days to photograph, research, and compose detailed listing description for each item
* 1 week for action to run
* 1 week for buyer to request a return of the item
* Buyers cannot return items simply because they did not like it. We have a strict return policy that only allows buyers to return an item if it is clearly not-as-described.
* 1 week to process and mail your check with a detailed report

We'll be happy to give you a free estimate! Come visit us at one of our three locations.

Got an item that's too heavy to bring in? We offer pickup services. Just ask!