Not Just Shipping Some Daum Vases

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  • We specialize in packing and shipping delicate art and glass like these Daum vases
  • Goodman Packing & Shipping-we are experts in packing and shipping delicate art and glass
  • packing and shipping art glass and pottery are our specialty
  • we are experts at packing and shipping art glass and pottery professionally and safely

The Daum glass factory at Nancy, France has been producing fine Art Glass since the 1890's and were leaders in the production of fine glass vases, lamps bowls and Objets d'art. Between 1895 and 1918, Daum glass epitomized the Art Nouveaux style, and pieces form this period are highly prized by collectors...

We're aware of the delicacy and value of these four vintage pieces of Daum Nancy and took extra precautions because every piece of Daum Nancy glass is a unique hand made piece of art and in a way, irreplaceable. When they arrive in Maine, they will be sold at auction, probably for much more than their 25,000 appraised value.

Shipping valuable artwork and antiques is our business. But it isn't JUST our business. We love seeing the beautiful items our customers bring us(or that we pick up from them) and get great satisfaction that we ensure that they travel safely so that others can appreciate them.After all, we're shipping more than just another Daum piece of glass.

Email us, give us a call at 855 BOX BROS(269 2767) or 323 662 9000. When it comes to shipping art, we're the best. You supply the art, and we'll do the rest..