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Box Brothers LA  2016 Fedex #2 top international retail shipper

2016 Fedex Top Shipper Awards


We are proud to be one of the busiest Fedex locations in the United States.
In 2016, we won second place. This year we're going all the way!
We don't do it for the glory...We do it for our clients.

David Goodman

David brings a “New York sense of urgency” to all projects. This attitude of “it has got to happen now” has carried over to all of his employees and partner shipping companies. Starting from the ground up in 1994, David now owns/operates 3 Box Brothers retail packing/shipping locations. His experience, knowledge, and desire for  a more customer-oriented white glove art and designer service has led to this new venture.

David understands the importance of relationships, and has years of experience working both with long time clients and building a worldwide network of carriers/affiliates. As a child, he was fascinated by how things fit together, the structure of objects. David's ability to visualize a piece, its unique packaging requirements and create a packaging solution has built a successful career in packaging, freight handling, logistics and shipping.

David thrives on challenges, whether it be the carrier needing special paperwork to clear customs, or planning out intricate complicated multi-location pickups with a hard deadline. His talent for making alliances and detailed planning ensures that his shipments move flawlessly through the complicated maze of worldwide shipping, and is the backbone of the Goodman Packing & Shipping network.

David's skills encompass the gamut of packing and transportation, storage solutions, and most importantly, dedicated individual customer service and support.

Coby Goodman

David's son, Coby started working for Box Brothers at age 16 when he was in 10th grade and Box Bros. had a handful of stores. Coby earned his BS degree in Marketing and Business Management, studying full time and working full time while managing stores for the Box Brothers parent company. After he graduated university, Coby started managing the Southern California region, opening new stores, and training new franchisees for Box Brothers Corporation and was in charge of US Marketing before going to work with David at Box Brothers LA/Goodman Packaging and Shipping.

Coby is in charge of Business Development, Marketing and Partner Outreach, and is helping expand the the range of services we offer our customers, helping to make Box Brothers LA truly a "Local Company with Global reach".

Local Company, Global Reach

Over the decades since we opened our first retail store, Goodman Packaging and Shipping has grown substantially, yet we have strived to keep the "family" feeling in all of our businesses because we know that for each of our customers, service is a personal matter.

As our business is growing, we are seeking opportunities, companies and individuals to partner with.

We are also interested in talented individuals who are motivated to work as part of our team and become industry leaders in the field of packaging, shipping and logistics.