Congratulations to our award winning employee James

Goodman Packing and Shipping Regional Sales Manager,James Patrick Sullivan II, AMBC 2017 Award winner
AMBC 2017 Award winners

Congratulations to Goodman Packing & Shipping Regional Sales Manager, James Patrick Sullivan II. James was one of 3 people awarded a $1000 Scholarship by Association of Mail and Business Centers .

This is a big deal for James who is working towards his degree. Here is what he told us,
"This could not have come at a better time. I am nearing the end of my
degree and this scholarship will help make that happen. I am grateful to
the Charmaine M. Fennie Memorial Scholarship for this opportunity. I am so
blessed to have an employer like David Goodman, coworkers like those at Box
Brothers, and an industry that is so supportive in helping people achieve
their dreams. I know firsthand that it is not easy to complete a degree
while running a shipping store. I also know it is not easy to accommodate
an employee with a school schedule. For this I am forever grateful."

We're grateful to have employees like James, he and all of our team members work hard to help our customers and make our company the success story that it is.