Why use BoxBrothersLA? Here's why

Professional packing is important. This piece was shipped without being professionally packed by an expert.

This is why getting your glass items professionally packed by Goodman Packing & ShippingLA is important. Artist Walead Beshty packed and shipped these glass boxes unprotected to to produce Shattered Sculptures for the Whitney Biennial. Great for him. Cracked glass is his art. If he'd have used BoxBrothersLA to pack them, he'd be out of a job. Most of the rest of us want valuable and delicate items to arrive safely. https://www.thisiscolossal.com/2017/01/fedex-works-walead-beshty/

If you don't want it to look like this, consider having us pack your glass and other delicate items. We're very careful about packing and shipping and utilize Museum quality packing techniques to make sure that this NEVER happens when we ship.

Note: BoxBrosLA.com is not associated with Mr. Beshty or the Whitney Museum. Fedex offers very specific guidelines as to safe packing, which were not used in his art project. At Goodman Packing & Shipping, we ALWAYS go beyond the requirements to ensure maximum safety, regardless of carrier or declared value of the item.