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It's nice being appreciated..

It's nice being appreciated. We love what we do and put that into every item we pack and ship! Went you need something shipped, see us. We do it right with a smile and at a great price.

Customer Testimonial - August 12

Nice unsolicited email from our client handled by James at our Atwater Store. As usual, James exceeded our customers expectation, and they wrote us this lovely 'thank you' note...We make every job our best work, and try to make all our customers feel like this..That's what Goodman Packing & Shipping is all about.

Shipping Antique Barometers cross country - no pressure


  • antique barometers require special attention to ship across the country and Goodman Packing & Shipping has the skills and experience
  • at Goodman Packing & ShippingLA we can literally ship anything anywhere
  • If you have antique barometers or scientific instruments or any valuable or delicate item that you need packed and shipped right-contact BoxbrosLA.com
  • when it is irreplaceable you need the best-call boxbrosLA

Imagine inheriting a valuable collection of antique 19th century barometers(including a Scottish stick barometer made c1820 and valued at over $10,000) and other items from a relative who lives 3000 miles away. How would you get them? But, antique barometers are bulky but also quite fragile. They require specialized handling, packing and shipping... This was the problem our client faced. A potential perfect storm. The solution was simple. He called BoxBrothersLA.com. He spoke with us, provided contact information for the estate's Executor, a pickup address and some photos. We scheduled a two hour pickup window in White Plains,N.Y. with our East Coast team and the rest was a piece of cake.

Thanks Tim for the wonderful note

Thank you note to James for helping a customer

While our business is about selling boxes, sometimes you gotta just give it away..

Kudos for James

James and the Boxbrosla crew from atwater store thanked by Moveon.org for their great work.

We don't expect to get props for doing a great job. That's just what we do. Still, it feels great when it happens...Congratulations James!
"To: quotes@goodmanshipping.com
Subject: Positive remarks for James Patrick Sullivan

Hi there -
I wanted to pass on a brief note regarding the excellent service I received on a complicated shipping job from James and his team in Atwater Village.

Giant megaphone and teacup

  • shout it out loud Goodman Packing & Shipping can pack and ship anything
  • Goodman Packing & Shipping  can pack and crate anything
  • We  pack and crate large and delicate items
  • Goodman Packing & Shipping can pack and ship ANYTHING

We recently picked up this giant megaphone from a local prop house in LA for shipment to Strayer University on the East Coast. We palletted both the giant Teacup and the megaphone securely for shipment with the megaphone broken down into 5 pieces....

Case Study:Art Shipping and Handling

Leif Ritchey, Pearls, 2014, Acrylic on canvas, 86.5 x 94 inches

James at our Atwater store recently got a call from one of our customers, to see if we could work with a local gallery and ship a 86 1/2" x 94" painting by Leif Ritchey the client had bought to the UK.

This is a quote James received from the gallery for shipping the painting from Los Angeles to London that they had gotten from C------ & T---, a well known International Art Shipper.

We looked at the quote, responded with our own quote, and wound up shipping the piece. If you look at the figures, you'll know why.

Keith Haring

Keith Haring, not Keith Richard or herring. The ARTIST

No, it ain't a Rolling Stone or a smoked fish.. We said Keith Haring!! THE ARTIST!. Watch and find out about how Boxbrosla.com packed and shipped this one-of-a-kind piece..

Eve's Planter

Our friend Eve asked us for a couple of old busted pallets. We said. "Sure.." She made planters out of 'em. Another one of our many talented customers. We're fortunate to work with folks like Eve. How'd she do that? check it out in her own words...

  • recycling pallets into planters
  • we believe in recycling our packing materials and Eve does this  creatively
  • Goodman Packing & Shipping is a Green packing and shipping company
  • at Goodman Packing & Shipping we recycle packing and shipping materials



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