Antique Casino Chandelier

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One-of-a-kind, spectacular wrought iron chandelier and glass, originally from the Casino Cercle Wagram in Paris.
All faces of the chandelier are in carved frosted glass depicting a geometric Art Deco motif. The lighting is diffused through the bottom of the chandelier, eight faced diamond shapes containing eight high wattage light bulbs and through 20 four faced boxes located all around the chandelier.

Casino Cercle Wagram was one of 3 Casinos in Paris run by the Corsican Brotherhood from 1947-2011. The Corsicans were given 3 Casinos in recognition for their service to the Free French(French Underground) in Word War II, a legal place to gamble in Paris with games like Texas Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha, etc. The casino was located 47 Avenue de Wagram in Paris 75017 and was closed in 2011.
Materials / Techniques: Wrought iron and frosted carved glass
Condition: Excellent original condition.
Measurements: 11 FT High. x 6 FT 10 Diameter.
Insured Value: $200,000 USD