Murano Glass Chandelier

How does someone on the Gulf Coast get a 4’ x 7’ Murano glass chandelier valued at $95,000 shipped from Redondo Beach, CA to them without breaking a sweat. Simple Answer: Dial 323.642.9000 and call Goodman Packing & Shipping. Recently affiiliates of ours in Texas got a call from a client who needed this one of a kind chandelier made from Murano glass. They knew immediately how to take care of their client, emailed us the requirements. We sent out a detailed quotation describing all the steps need to bid the job (electrician, packing on-site, crating/shipping/insurance prices). Once accepted, we proceeded with the project. We disassembled the chandelier and created a 42 layered custom cavity pack, inventorying/ documenting the pieces and providing unpacking and assembly instructions. This kind of attention to detail and level of expertise is why dealers, collectors and even other shippers call us when they have a project that requires special consideration. Our training and over 3 decades of experience have made us leaders in the field. It doesn’t have to be a rare $95,000 Venetian glass chandelier or a Picasso original. We give the same care in packing and shipping every job. That’s what we do.
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give us a call at 323.642.9000 or 323.662.9000 on weekends. If anyone can get it there, we can.