Packing and crating Vintage Arcade Bowling Game

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There is just something special about vintage Arcade games. And they don’t get much cooler than this Evans 10 Strike Bowling game.

One of our customers put it this way,” I collect vintage arcade machines. With the exception of a 1920's mutoscope, they have all been British machines. However, when I saw the Evans Ten Strike in a friend's collection, it was love at first sight! I love playing the machine as well as looking at the wonderful graphics on the flash. The cabinet has a real deco feel to it, as well. I happened to have an old English machine he wanted, so we did a swap!..The Ten Strike will reside in my house in London..”

Pretty simple deal, until the last sentence. You can’t just stuff it in a box and take it to the Post Office. That’s where we come in. We sent a team out, picked it up, fabricated a custom crate to ensure that everything was securely packed, did all the paperwork and shipped it insured for full value off to London where it will be delivered, professionally unpacked and set up. At, you get more than just a box, we offer full service packing, crating and shipping worldwide. You may not have an expensive antique Arcade Game to ship, you may just need to ship something your kid made in school to grandma. We get it. To us, every shipment is irreplaceable because every customer is.

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