Packing, Crating and Shipping a $45,000 telescope to England

If you lived in a $13,000,000 house, you might spend your evenings gazing at at the stars from your porch through your telescope. Just like this telescope we recently shipped for a client in Newport Beach. Even a $45,000 dollar telescope needs adjustment, and this one had to return to to England for calibration.
At 45 lbs., it's too large and delicate to drop in an envelope. That's why our client called us. We picked it up, brought it back to our Los Feliz store, carefully packed it in a custom crate, secured the proper insurance, did all the required customs paperwork and safely shipped it to England.
If you lived in a $13,000,000 house, money might be no object and getting a professional to crate pack and ship your valuable item might be your priority. You might like to save money too (how else could you afford a $13,000,000 house?).
Our client called Goodman Shipping at 323.642.9000 and got both. Even if its a small tchachke,its valuable to you. Everything we ship is valuable and we treat it that way.

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