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Fullfillment and Logisitics

When it comes to logistics and fullfillment, we have the expertise and experience(we've been doing this over 20 years) to get the job done right, and save you time and money.

Read here how we helped a client, MoveOn.org with a 100 piece mailing


Goodman Packing & Shipping is a name you can trust to pack it right and get it there on time at a great price and has been supplying Moving Boxes, Shipping Boxes and Packaging Supplies since 1994. We are logistics specialists with expertise in Art Shipping/Exhibition Services and International freight handling.

eBay Auction Services: Sell Your Stuff

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eBay Auction Services: how it works

Sell Your Stuff Through us on eBay!

Drop it off, Watch it sell, get paid!

Complete Auction Management of your items.

Here is What We Do:

* Determine Expected Value
* Professional Photography
* Research and compose detailed descriptions
* Place your item in our high traffic ebay store
* When it sells, we pack it, ship it, and collect payment
* Once the transaction is complete, we send you a check!


* 3 days to photograph, research, and compose detailed listing description for each item


Goodman Packing & Shipping provides professional packing and shipping services for auction buyers and sellers. From arranging packaging, crating, trucking, and air freight transportation, Goodman Packing & Shipping is your one-stop source for auction buyers. Our clients have been pleased with Goodman Packing & Shipping' tracking, reporting capabilities, and professional customer service.


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