Virtual Mailboxes

Get mail on your phone, tablet or laptop anywhere 24/7

Add a Virtual Mailbox to your BoxbrosLA postbox account today!

View your mail anytime on your computer or mobile device. You can use your iPhone or Android phone and easily swipe through all the mail images and pick the ones you want to perform an action on. Managing you're your mail online allows you to easily control what's in your inbox whenever you have time.

You can request any mail item to be opened and scanned for you. The request is sent on to the mailroom operator who will perform this action. Once the item has been scanned you get a notification and get to view the contents as images or PDF. It doesn't get much easier to read your snail mail online when out of town

For any important mail you receive you can request to forward to another address of your choice. You can predefine any number of addresses and simply select them from a dropdown. This is great for forwarding packages and other mail you need to receive physically.

You may opt to leave your mail at the mail facility and pick it up at your convenience. You still get notified of new incoming mail, but simply can elect to deal with in person later.

A very handy feature is our simple check deposit option. If you do get paid, don't delay from funds being deposited to your account. Just select the check to be deposited on your bank connection on file.

Without ever touching your unwanted mail you can discard of it with a click. For less important items use the recycle feature and for sensitive materials elect the shred option.