Keith Haring

Keith Haring, not Keith Richard or herring. The ARTIST

No, it ain't a Rolling Stone or a smoked fish.. We said Keith Haring!! THE ARTIST!. Watch and find out about how packed and shipped this one-of-a-kind piece..

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Keith Haring's work is iconic and instantly recognizable even if you don't know him by name. Influenced by street culture, pop art, current affairs and the sexual revolution, his work gained worldwide attention and success in the 1980's. Among his fans and supporters were Andy Warhol(also a subject), Madonna and others. He worked in a variety of mediums, but the figures alway let you know it was his work.In 1990 he succumbed to AIDS.

A client(name withheld) heard about us on the web, and contacted us about shipping this piece, done in felt-tipped marker on paper. As the piece is VERY valuable(we can't even tell you) and the medium is rather delicate, they chose to do the packing, documenting,crating and shipping to its new owners. Art Handling is one of our specialties,and we were honored to be entrusted with this one of a kind piece.

As the pictures will show, we took the utmost care in handling and shipping it. Everything went flawlessly and the client is very happy that they chose us. When it comes to Art Handling, are the best choice you can make!

Maybe you only need to send one of your kid's finger paintings to Grandma or Grandpa, we treat all our customers the same. Handling your artwork is our job and we do it right.

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