Eve's Planter

Our friend Eve asked us for a couple of old busted pallets. We said. "Sure.." She made planters out of 'em. Another one of our many talented customers. We're fortunate to work with folks like Eve. How'd she do that? check it out in her own words...

  • recycling pallets into planters
  • we believe in recycling our packing materials and Eve does this  creatively
  • Box Brothers LA is a Green packing and shipping company
  • at Box Brothers LA we recycle packing and shipping materials



Step One:
• Acquiring pallets (thank you Box Bros Los Feliz!)
• Sanding away the rough spots
• Nailing down loose or broken boards

Step Two:
• Finishing, staining, painting the pallets. (the more sealed these puppies are, the better!)

Step Three:
• Create “planter” aspect with landscaping fabric
• I used fabric from Home Depot (2 rolls for $10)
• With a staple gun, I sealed the pallet on 4 sides, sealing the sides like a wrapped present.
• I also created pocket/shelves with the fabric behind each board; this is an extra step not always suggested in online tutorials.

Step Four:
• Placing, hanging,arranging new planter in its permanent location
• Be prepared for the pallet-planter to be very heavy; many people leave them on the ground, leaning up against the house, a patio fence, etc.

Step Five:
With potting soil, plant your plants! I used drought-friendly succulents that I knew would be low-maintenance.


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