Fullfillment Services

When it comes to logistics and fullfillment, we have the expertise and experience(we've been doing this over 20 years) to get the job done right, and save you time and money.

Read here how we helped a client, MoveOn.org with a 100 piece mailing

Many small businesses,artisans,craftspeople,independent entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations don't have the resources to deal with logistics and fulfillment or would rather focus on what they REALLY do than collecting items for shipments, packing, labeling them, staging and shipping them. Many fulfillment services don't want to bother with shipments of under 1000 pieces or offer personal service at that level. We do. BoxBrothersLA.com has built our entire business on providing just this type of service and have been doing it for over 20 years.

Some of the fullfillment services we can provide:

  • Assemble and pack items to be shipped

  • Pickup items from you, vendors or be your point of delivery for drop shipments

  • Staging/warehousing

  • Handle all labeling, shipping documents, insurance

  • Take the hassle out of shipping and fullfillment

We can offer monthly billing accounts to approved clients to let you focus on what you do best and handle the rest. Perhaps this is why dozens of small businesses, charities,entrepreneurs and artisans depend on BoxbrothersLA.com. Email us, or give us a call at 855 BOX BROS(269 2767) or 323 662 9000. In fulfillment and logistics, we're the go-to guys.