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Domestic Shipping

Professional Packing & Shipping Services for Art Dealers, Brokers and Auction Houses

Box Brothers LA has decades of experience working with Art Galleries, Brokers, Auction Houses and Dealers and knows how to ensure that shipping your valuable art objects goes flawlessly with your pieces arriving safely, and on time. Our relationships with partners around the world like Fedex and DHL allows us to offer you not only expedited delivery of your items, at a price that is unbeatable. Securely packing delicate, unusually shaped sculpture or paintings is one part of our expertise in art shipping, and one of many reasons signature clients choose Box Brothers LA to handle their art shipping.
Give us a call online(it's toll-free) or email us, we'll be glad to discuss White Glove packing and shipping solutions that can help your business.

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Professional white glove art shipping, packing and crating
    We provide:
  • White Glove Service
  • Onsite Packing/Crating
  • Pickup and Delivery
  • Dunnage Removal
  • Expert Packing/Crating of unusually shaped,delicate or heavy items
  • Ability to insure any item of any value
  • International Shipping and Customs documentation
  • Complicated Logistics

In short we provide end to end shipping solutions for art dealers, brokers, auction houses, artists and craftspeople.

Art Shipping

We're in the business of packing and shipping valuable artwork worldwide.

Professional Art Shipping in Los Angeles, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey..or ANYWHERE!

It's simple. Call 855 711 SHIP or email us and we can answer your questions, arrange a local pickup(free for orders over $100) and get it shipped safely, quickly and at a price that you can afford.

Our business is fine art shipping, antique shipping, shipping and moving valuable objects. If you have a single piece to ship, an exhibition that you need custom crating and logistics for, we can help. We specialize in professional packing and custom crating,of valuable and delicate items of all sizes We also provide domestic & international shipping, and logistics.

With over 25 years experience in the moving and shipping industry, we are renowned for our expertise and professional services. Call us at 855 711 SHIP today!

Art Shipping Services Offered:

Daily shipping to/from New York, DC, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston & Florida.

End-to-end packing and international / domestic shipping services nationwide including packing or crating of your artwork, pickup, scheduling, customs documents, insurance and delivery through our local partner network. This allows us to ship anything door to door around the world.

World Class customer service, and the best on time delivery.

Auction logistics/fulfillment, and freight/cargo shipping specialists.

Authorized FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS shipper.

Ground & air/priority services.

Small shipments, overnight shipping, auction shipping, estate shipping freight & cargo shipping service.

Professional packing and shipping services, such as custom crating, freight, and cargo shipping.

Art, antique, valuable item, and heirloom shipping & white glove delivery services.

Pickup, Delivery, on-site crating(when needed)..we do it all, including unpacking and dunnage removal

It doesn't matter if it is a valuable painting, sculpture, object d' art, an entire exhibit on tour or an ashtray your grandchild made. We can ship it safely from anywhere to anywhere! Email us, call us at 855 711 SHIP or use our Quick Quote Form and get started!

Small Moves

Planning a Small Move? Call 855 BOX BROS (toll free) - Don't do this..

We do small moves right, Not like this. Why take chances, you'll probably save money with Box Brothers LA too!

White Glove Shipping Services

White Glove shipping service from offers worldwide end to end shipping solutions to art dealers,designers and galleries in Los Angeles and up and down the East Coast

We have decades of experience in logisitcs, packing, shipping and delivering high value and delicate items around the world and are in the business of providing solutions to even the most "impossible" shipping requirements. Our White Glove shipping and delivery services are geared to Art Dealers, Galleries, Auction Services, Corporate Clients, Decorators, Estate Liquidators, Interior Designers, Museums and professionals who demand the highest level of service.

With locations in Los Angeles and Northern New Jersey, we can pick up locally in the Greater LA/Southern California region, the NY / New Jersey / Connecticut area for delivery on either coast and shipment worldwide. Local Company Global Reach - International shipping Anywhere Anytime .

Give us a call online (its TOLL-FREE!) or just click here to get a quote!

    Our Services

  • complete end-to-end VIP shipping solutions
  • Pickup and Delivery Pickup, staging and consolidation from multiple locations or final delivery to multiple destinations All items are safely packed and crated where needed
  • full insurance services, including high value and hard to insure items
  • We handle all Customs/Transport documentation and Custom Brokerage
  • Unpacking/crating and Dunnage Removal
  • Regular NY-LA, LA to NY shuttles
  • East Coast Deliveries- NY,NJ CT Tristate area and Boston to Miami and all points in between

Who we serve:

  • Art Dealers
  • Art Galleries
  • Auction Services
  • Corporate Clients
  • Decorators
  • Interior Designers
  • Museums

We specialize in:

  • Tight or "impossible" deadlines
  • Delicate or difficult to ship items
  • providing packing and shipping solutions geared to you needs
  • A La Carte or all-inclusive service
  • Attention to detail

What we offer you

  • Convenience
  • Quick response
  • Quality of Service
  • Security of your valuable consignments
  • reasonable pricing Local Company Global Reach - International shipping Anywhere Anytime .

Give us a call online (its TOLL-FREE!) or just click here to get a quote!


Balikbayan Shipping

Balikbayan boxes and shipping from Box Bros. make pasalubong easy!

The Balikbayan box is an important part of pasalubong, and makes it easy to bring home gifts to family, friends and colleagues in the Philippines.

Part of the attraction of the balikbayan box is its economic value as it allows you to ship items together instead of sending each individually or in smaller boxes through postal services. has all sizes of Balikbayan and since we are worldwide freight forwarders, we can offer you the best rate and delivery options

Sending Pasalubong to families, friends and Kababayans to the Phillipines is easier than ever with Box Brothers!

At Box Brothers we offer many different types of Balikbayan boxes, so when you are through shopping for your goods to send to the Phillipines, let us help you with your shipping and packing needs and get your padala to the ones you love quickly,safely and at a good price.

Why ship your balikbayan with us?

  • We're Balikbayan experts with over 15 years experience
  • Free Pickup and delivery for qualified orders
  • We guarantee safe and quick delivery

Get a Quick Quote or Call us now at 855 BOX BROS(855 269 2767)

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